FMS 14.0v4 - fmsadmin no longer recognized by applescript

Discussion created by JeffHenry on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by JeffHenry

With the recent update to FMS 14.0v4 on multiple machines, my existing applescript no longer recognizes "fmsadmin" as a command, though the command works in Terminal.


Here is the simple applescript I am performing:


do shell script "fmsadmin -v"

copy result to cell "AppleScript_Version" of current record


sh: fmsadmin: command not found

Unknown Error: 127


This previously worked in earlier version of FMS 14, but has broken with the latest update. I'm wondering if it is because the shell script isn't actually being ran in terminal, where it does work when performed manually, but is running in a different part of the system that FMS14.0v4 didn't install the fmsadmin command at. I'm fairly new to AppleScript development in FileMaker, so if you know how it works on the backend, please feel free to share.


Is there a modification I can make that will run it within the terminal application and be able to pull the result into a FileMaker Record from the Terminal Application?


Thank you.