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FileMaker Server to Pro Communication Issues

Question asked by JustinHesser on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by mikebeargie

I have FileMaker Server 13 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 running on a MacMini OSX Yosemite 10.10.5.


I have a database that I need to run through the server on FileMaker Go on a number iPads and on the FileMaker Pro Advanced on the MacMini (The FileMaker Pro will be running a script that has a recurring loop that catches when a field changes and sends a file to be printed)


One snag with the database is that it has to be able to run using the MacMini's wireless network without any access to the internet as it will be used at events where there may or may not be internet.


When testing the database I found that it works perfectly fine when the MacMini is connected to the Internet via Ethernet and the MacMini's network is created.


When I take the ethernet cord our and create a network on the MacMini, I get the following error on the FileMaker Pro running on the recurring loop on the Mac Mini when I run a script on an iPad that relates to the script running on the MacMini. "Communication with the host was interrupted and could not be re-established. All affected windows will be closed."


Is there something that I need to be doing differently with my network to not get this error?