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Filemaker isn't auto-filling email recipient in email client

Question asked by hearthstoneit on Nov 20, 2015

I'm really having trouble with FM's relationship to Outlook. Three days ago, everything was working fine. Nothing has changed but now when I try to email from FileMaker to my email client (Outlook), the email address won't populate like it used to. The Outlook window will pop up but the To: field is empty where is used to auto-populate.


I saw on one of the forums that having mis-matched applications, in regards to their processing capabilities (32- or 64-bit), can affect the compatibility between programs. Except that my OS, FM, and Outlook are all 64-bit versions and it's still not working.


Am I missing an add-in that I need? I feel I need to mention that my Office suite is 365 and my OS is Windows 10.


Any ideas are appreciated.