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Right aligned numbers with parentheses for negatives

Question asked by Stu412 on Nov 20, 2015
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Hi there


I'm still struggling with number alignment where negative (parentheses) are involved and trying to align all whole numbers to the thousand separator.


I've had a look at this thread here: alignment of negative numbers . Using FileMaker Pro . Forum . FileMaker Forums

and have has some suggestions previously around tab stops but noting I've tried seems to be working.


What I need to happen is for 100,000 and (100,000), as whole numbers, to align perfectly by the thousand separator.  I already have many calculations behind the numbers on the reports and many reports as well, so ideally would like to avoid reprogramming each one.  It's the right alignment which is important, as I've attempted to illustrate below - the numbers should be aligned, the parantheses can be stuck out.





Thanks in advance