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FM14: FM14 does not switch back to default printer once it has printed

Question asked by user17187 on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by user17187

Filemaker 14 overrides the default printer, once it has printed one page. As long as it has not printed, it always fetches the default printer settings from the system. As soon as it has printed, it ignores the system settings.


That makes it impossible to change the  printer once it has printed a page in a database. It will only fetch the system's default printer again once you close the database window and re-open.


Steps to reproduce. It is FM14.0.4 on Mac OS X:

1. Imagine your default printer on Mac OX S is set as "Printer A".

2. Now open any FM DB "XY"

3. Press CMD-P and you will see the printer selected there is "Printer A".

4. In the Print Dialog, change the printer now to a different printer, like "Printer B" and start printing.


The result: Filemaker has now changed the default printer of your FM DB "XY" to "Printer B" internally. If you print again with CMD-P, it will prepopulate "Printer B". BUT: The system printer is still "Printer A".


Even a filemaker function Get (PrinterName) step is now showing the wrong result.


5. Make a script step with "Show dialog" and enter "Get (PrinterName)". Perform that step. You will see as a result "Printer A". Now verify with CMD-P. You will see as you have printed on "Printer B" in step 4, it is "Printer B".


There is now no way - for this session - to switch back to the system default printer. Sometimes you would like to change the default printer with a script, like a AppleScript


do shell script (\"lpoptions -d " & $printer & "\")"


Solution: There should be a script step to flush the printer settings back to the systems default settings.