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Question asked by LesAteliersTurcotte on Nov 21, 2015
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Hello all,


I'd be extremely grateful if someone would show me how to do the following.


We have imported a database from Bento and I am trying to make it more user-friendly for Filemaker.


1) We used to have a field that showed a quality of the product. This was either 0 (no it does not have the quality) or 1 (yes it does). How do I conver the 1s and 0s to Yes and NO? I am so sure this is a simple calculation, I just am not able to find it.

I tried an IF function, but it says: "The specific field cannot be found"

This is the function I tried (using another field as the destination): If ( Reflective=1; YES  ; NO )


2) How can I create an editable database? Because we did a transfer from BENTO and a lot of things were organized differently, although we preserved the info (which is great!), I had to organize it a bit differently. For instance (someone helped me previously with this), I created a list of colours that an item had, instead of showing all the colours listed with 1 and 0s next to them (1=yes, 0=no). Just to clarify, we have an inventory of clothes. A skirt can have more than 1 colour.

So right now, I have a field showing a sum of all the colours previously listed as 1s or 0s, but I cannot edit this. I cannot add another colour in the field (evidently! since it's a calculation based on another information), I cannot edit those colours.


Is there a way to have a 2-way system? So I can edit this interface and the results would be changed in the original 1s and 0s imported?


Thank you SO much.