Filemaker Go 14 keeps quitting when using conditional value lists

Discussion created by ishaqmir on Nov 20, 2015
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this is driving me mad. I created a database with FM Pro 12 and the conditional value lists in a series of drop down boxes work flawlessly in FM Pro 12, 13, and now 14 too.


They work fine in FM Go 12, 13. However, in FM Go 14 when i select a value from the drop down list, the app just KILLS itself and quits abruptly, and doesnt save any of the changes. This is a serious problem obviously. The strange thing is, that this problem does NOT occur in FM Go 14 on my iphone 6s. The problem is only with the app on iPad Air 2. I have even deleted the app, reinstalled, etc, but still same prob.


really not sure what it could be. I have now upgraded to FM Pro 14 on my mac and have been using the database with no problems.