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    Tab names from a check box selection?


      hello all

      I have a check box field containing the days of the week and would like a tab page for each day to show up if the box is checked.

      I tried calculating the field in as the source for the name using this for one of seven tab pages.


      If ( AV Projects::proj_reoccurance = "Sun"; "Sun"; "")


      but its putting all of the days on each tab.


      Is there a way to identify each tab and assign a name if its checked? And not have it show up it its not checked?


      So if an instructor checks Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they would see three tabs one for each day.



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          By "tab page" I assume you mean a "tab panel"? Not being persnickety, just making sure that assumption isn't leading me down a wrong path...


          If so, the file I posted on this thread might help: Re: Assign tab names from several records in a table


          Basically, instead of a tab panel, try a slide panel instead, with a button bar acting as the "tabs". Then you can make those "tabs" hide or show, show icons, calculate names that have more than one row of text, etc. With a bit of formatting, you can make it look exactly like a tab panel, but with functions like hide when that you can't normally get from a tab panel (yet, at least )




          Chris Cain