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Unable to 'lock' a screen from 'floating' in FMGo

Question asked by wfgclapp on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by wfgclapp

Running FM Pro, Server, and Go 14.


I am creating a new Go app, sized for iPhone6 portrait. I have sized my layout (including top and bottom nav bars) to be 375 x 636 px. I have all toolbars and status bars hidden.


Problem: When I bring up my layout in Go on iPhone6, the body of the layout floats vertically. It's as if I made the layout too large for the device screen size. But even if I drastically reduce my layout height, the problem remains.


To note: Once I've brought the floating layout up in Go, if I pinch the screen it squeezes down then snaps back and at that point on it no longer floats. But as soon as I close the file and go back in, I'm back to vertical floating.


Startup script:

Show/Hide Menubar [Lock ; Hide]

Show/Hide Toolbars [Lock ; Include Edit Record Toolbar ; Hide]

Set Zoom Level [100%]


In my startup script I have taken those three scrip steps and tried just about every combination I could, i.e. order of script steps, lock on/off, different zoom levels, etc.


I have searched around for posts about this and found nothing, which leads me to believe I'm missing something very easy.


Anyone out there have any thoughts?