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FMPA 14.0.4 Win 32-bit: Losing container content and 'Hide object when' calcs

Question asked by jurgmay on Nov 20, 2015

Hi all,


I'm doing some maintenance on a database and am seeing very weird things happening since updating to 14.0.4 a few days ago.


Firstly I noticed that a logo that displays on each user layout suddenly disappeared. This is odd because the container is a global and does not allow modification and the object on the layout has all three 'Field entry' checkboxes deselected. I can't figure out why this image randomly disappears from the container. The object itself is there but when I go to the 'globals' layout which I use to maintain the globals the container is empty???


Also I've just been updating some 'Hide object when' calcs and was getting unexpected results when testing. When I went back to Layout mode and selected the object I could see that the calculation was no longer showing in the Inspector! It seems just switching from Layout mode to Browse mode and back again is all it took for the calc to drop out.


Is anyone else seeing weird behaviour since the 14.0.4 update? I'm starting to think I'm going crazy!!!!!