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Wifi Bottleneck? or do I need FM Server?

Question asked by shona1 on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2015 by shona1

In our rental shop we have a database on FM Pro 13 and a LAN with Wifi to communicate up to 5 iPads. Generally there is only 3 or 4 iPad stations working at the same time but we continually stall or go slow or it seems like FM is sleeping.

The FM Pro Host computer is a iMac 2.9Ghz i5 with 8GB Ram, and we have the Energy Saver setting to Never sleep. The iPads are mainly iPad2 and a couple of 4s. The wifi unit is D-Link DAP2360

In some cases when the db is stalling / sleeping we can just touch the keyboard on the host computer and waking the screen seems to wake the database. It is very intermittent and some times works fast and others not. I had the db looked at by a developer, thinking it may have been my development problem, as it is my one and only creation, we did get some issues identified, but hasn’t helped with the staling problems, often we have to switch back to manual cards to speed up customer throughput.

The db is 16MB has 13 tables, 6 being the main tables: with 17500 records - 41 fields, 8700 records – 38 fields, 7500 – 12 fields, 2900 records – 20 fields, 1863 records – 38 fields, 585 records – 25 fields.

Has this become to big now to continue in FM Pro and now requires FM Server or is it more likely the Wifi unit. We have run it for 2 seasons originally on FM11 and without problems but this last year and since FM13 it has been terrible.

We actually have the same db running separately at another shop using a Mac mini and the same D-Link wifi, this one has only about 60% of the records mentioned above but we have the same stalling problems.

It has been suggested that we could install SSD drives and more ram, upgrade the wifi to a AC Spec unit, or is the only solution to purchase FM Servers?