Is Anybody Else Using Filemaker To Manage eBay Files?

Discussion created by scoostraw on Nov 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2016 by scoostraw

I am an eBay seller and I am setting up Filemaker to manage my eBay activity.  I can already see that this is going to save me a lot of time.  There is one thing that I can't figure out how to do, so I'm hoping someone here can help.


I download - and then import the eBay sales csv, paypal csv, and eBay invoice csv files each into their own tables.  My eBay sales table is my main table.  I relate this table to the paypal table by paypal transaction ID, and to the invoice table by eBay Item #.  I have a layout I'm using where one of the things I display is a running total of the number of sales, net etc.  This works fine, as this data is from the parent table.


What I can't figure out is how to display running totals from the related tables.  For example I created fields with running totals in my paypal table, and they are working in the table itself.  But what I want to do is display those running totals in my layout, and I haven't been able to figure out how to do it.


Filemaker Pro Advanced 10.0v1