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    FM's Toolbar buttons not available

      I have a layout that where sometimes, and I'm not sure what is going on, the main toolbar buttons like "Show All", and such are not visible. The layout is not in layout mode, and the next and previous buttons, though visible at the top left (and I can click them), don't do anything when clicked.


      I've looked at the View menu, but there's nothing left to enable.


      The only solution I've found when this happens is to totally exit FM and start it up again.


      Very strange.


      I have 13 Pro Adv., the latest supported versions.


      Would appreciate any suggestions.




      - m

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          Markus Schneider

          not sure if I got it


          - there is a button on bottom left to show/hide e menubar

          - scripts can show/hide the menubar

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            I'd look for script triggers that might be showing/hiding the tool bar. The Layout enter/exit triggers specifically.

            Custom menus that have been assigned to certain layouts could be another one to look for.

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              Appreciate the ideas.


              It's not the entire menu bar that's not visible, strangely. The VCR next buttons are there, but not the big buttons with "New Record", etc.. Plus, clicking the next/previous buttons has no effect on anything visual though I can click them and they do ... "press".


              No script triggers for this layout and I'm not coming from another layout when this happens. It's usually when I'm coming back from changing something in layout mode.


              Could be a bug, but I can't see the steps to reproduce, yet.


              I'll post back if I can add to any of this.


              Thanks again,


              - m

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                Markus Schneider

                can You post a screenshot?

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                  Good idea, but I had to wait until the problem happened again. This is ultra strange.


                  I went into the database to add a field, but when I came back to the layout, the main toolbar buttons (New, Delete, etc.) were gone. The > and < buttons didn't do ANYTHING.


                  First image

                  No Main Buttons (New, Delete, etc).png


                  This seems to happen every time I go into the database for this table and then click OK to return to the layout. The main toolbar buttons are then gone!




                  Then, I quit the application and restarted it from the 13 Advanced start menu and then the buttons were back, but none was enabled:




                  Also, when I clicked on the new field on the layout (the field I just added to the table), nothing displays in the "Display Data From" field in the Information panel.


                  The ONLY way to get everything back to normal is to completely quit FM and restart.




                  Would appreciate any suggestions.


                  (As previously stated, there are no script triggers for this layout.)


                  Thanks in advance,


                  - m