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    chart inquiry




      I am a new filemaker user. I have fm12. I am trying to create a chart and in that chart I wish to graph the scores from an individual patient that I see over time.


      I am not sure which command to use. The problem is that I have many instances of that score - test from many different patients but I wish to chart only the score of a single patient at each time but across the many occasions that I've done the scoring.

      I hope that makes some sense. Many thanks in advance.



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          Good morning.

          I recommend you start with this document: In-Depth: Charting


          Charting is challenging to 'get', but once you do, it is an amazing tool.

          You want to show the scores for one patient over time?  I recommend looking at the chart option "Related Records" or "Current Record" to get you started.

          I use ExecuteSQL in my charts, as does many developers. Do you use the ExecuteSQL function at all?  If I were on a patient's layout, I'd use ExecuteSQL to return all the scores from that patient over time, as well as those dates. There's another thread here asking the very same question.

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            Many thanks for the quick reply.


            I will have a look at the suggested document. I can code up to HTML so I haven't really considered more advanced scripting in filemaker.


            It sounds that I should do exactly what you suggest...get their scores over time, and then chart them!