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Join Fields Many to many relationships

Question asked by pjpique on Nov 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2015 by CarlSchwarz

I have currently set up a solution to track service jobs.  I've done this by setting up a join table which works well between projects and equipment; as one project can have many pieces of equipment worked on, and one piece of equipment can be worked on throughout the years on different projects.


I've come across a case when in one of the jobs that makes date entry impossible to track with my set up.  Normally date is included in the project table.  However, there are times when on the same project we might make multiple trips to site to install different equipment so each piece of equipment installed has a different date.  Sure I could move this to the equipment table, but when there's a different project with the same equipment it will just replace this value.


I've tried to include the date field in my join table so that different dates could be used on projects and equipment, however, when i simulate, the equipment has the same date across projects.  I think that maybe the problem lies in that I included the date field from a different table in the sub portal for equipment.


Either something is not set up correctly, or maybe i need to make the same fields in projects and perform some kind of copy move.  I'm not exactly sure.


Thank you in advance for your suggestions and help.