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Sums in Related Tables

Question asked by on Nov 22, 2015

I'm working on a database where users will add items to a project.  The items are from the <models_customized> table.  All customized models are related to a base model from the <model_base> table.


In the <model_customized_JOIN_project> table, there is a field for the quantity of customized models.


In the <project> table there is a field that sums the model_customized, adding up the related quantities.


My question, is there a way to add a calculation field that automatically adds all of the <model_base> quantities?


For instance, if I have a model_base = chair and a model_base = table.


Then I add a model_customized (chair: blue) (qty: 2) and model_customized (chair:red) (qty: 3)


Then I add a model_customized (table: white) (qty: 5) and model_customized (table:black) (qty: 4)


I need a calculation field somewhere that tabulates model_base (chair) (qty: 5) and model_base (table) (qty: 9)


Thanks so much for any help!


See screenshot...