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    eSQL and underscore question


      Hi there,

      greetings from Thailand.


      I'm having trouble with the following - I think that I have correctly escaped the field name within the sub query ...



      $_qry = "SELECT id_phase

      FROM SQLphase

      WHERE id_phase IN (SELECT id_phase FROM SQLphase2project WHERE id_project =? AND \”_Flag|x|REM\” =1 ) AND id_client =? " ;

      $_target.phase =

      ExecuteSQL ( $_qry ; field.sep ; row.sep ; $_cur.project.id ; $$_clientID ) ;



      When I remove the AND \”_Flag|x|REM\” =1 from the subquery it works fine - it returns the record set that I expect.

      When I leave it in - it returns a question mark.

      Is it due to the pipes in the field name ? I thought that the escaping would take care of that.


      My head is splitting . many thanks for any help, rebuke, advice etc