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FileMaker 14 (Windows) crashing on a really loaded layout

Question asked by ibrahim_bittar on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by taylorsharpe

Hi all


I'm having trouble with a layout that has 1937 elements on it. There is strong reason for all those elements to be there so please bear with me on this.


The thing is that I'm receiving reports of FileMaker 14 randomly crashing when working on this specific layout. All users get is a message saying that FileMaker has crashed and must close. Nothing else. See attached image.




I've been able to narrow the problem:


  • It happens only on Windows (7,8 or 10).
  • It happens only on machines with small screens like laptops.


What I've done so far and seems to alleviate a little this problem is:


  • Install .NET framework 4.6 (the most recent version).
  • Increase FileMaker cache to 512 MB, which is its maximum.


This has reduced the frequency of these events but they are still happening.


My specific question is:


Where can I find a log of crashes or a Mac console equivalent in Windows?. I'm a Mac guy and this is a really odd problem so I'm a bit lost here.


Hope a Windows wiz can help me here.


Best regards.