Cross platform container external storage

Discussion created by dnovo on Nov 25, 2015
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Hi everybody,


I've a problem in a peer to peer setup.

1 windows pc acts as a server with FM Pro 13 running 2 db's.

Clients are 2 windows pc's and 1 iMac, all of them running FM Pro 13.

One of the db's stores picts that are used by the other db. The pict's db has a container field (reference only, external storage).

The picts itself are written in a dir on the 'server' alongside the 2 db's.

The picts come from a camera and are written in the dir from a script, so I control the names of the picts.

When I use the db from a Mac the reference that is stored in the container looks like this "imagemac;/path.....pictname.jpg".

When I open the db from a windows pc the container doesn't show the pict but an error.

Basically this solution isn't cross platform.

How can I make this work on both Mac and pc?