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    Cross platform container external storage


      Hi everybody,


      I've a problem in a peer to peer setup.

      1 windows pc acts as a server with FM Pro 13 running 2 db's.

      Clients are 2 windows pc's and 1 iMac, all of them running FM Pro 13.

      One of the db's stores picts that are used by the other db. The pict's db has a container field (reference only, external storage).

      The picts itself are written in a dir on the 'server' alongside the 2 db's.

      The picts come from a camera and are written in the dir from a script, so I control the names of the picts.

      When I use the db from a Mac the reference that is stored in the container looks like this "imagemac;/path.....pictname.jpg".

      When I open the db from a windows pc the container doesn't show the pict but an error.

      Basically this solution isn't cross platform.

      How can I make this work on both Mac and pc?




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          You can detect the path with one of the "get container attributes" functions and based on that path and the OS of the user, calculate the proper path and get the file that way.



          A simpler solution would be to use FMS and let that do the container data management.

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            Hi Wim,


            Thanks for the suggestion but FMS is just to expensive for the client.

            I'm testing the following solution:

            A textfield (global) that stores the "base path" that's equal for Mac en Windows.

            A second textfield that holds the name of the pict.

            A unstored calculation field, result = container, where I store a reference to the pict, calculated for Mac or Windows.

            Works cross platform but you're right using FMS would be easier.