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    FMS13 fmsased Memory Leak - fmsased grows until restart when using scheduled scripts


      We are running FMServer13 on a dedicated Mac Mini server with 16GB RAM. We run scheduled scripts every hour or 4 hours. after a few days, fmsased - the script engine for the server - grows to exceed physical RAM. It starts to swap RAM onto the hard drive and performance degrades terribly.

      1. Is anyone else experiencing this?

      2. Is there a solution besides "Don't run scheduled scripts."?


      I wrote a script to test it:


      Set variable $Leak = 1


      Set variable $Leak = $Leak + 1

      Exit Loop If $Leak = 1000

      End Loop


      Whenever this script runs, it pushes the $Leak variable to 1000, then it is gone at script termination because it is a local variable. The memory usage of fmsased increases by ~0.4MB each time, and it never goes back down. Shouldn't it go back down as there is nothing stored. I did not even update any records.


      Our database solution has several scheduled scripts such that the size of fmsased exceeds our physical memory every 2 weeks or so. Performance declines dramatically until we restart the fmsased file. Is there anything I can do besides restarting the script engine every few days?


      Any help is appreciated.