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Related Records Trouble

Question asked by adturpin on Nov 24, 2015

I have two tables- Checking and Receipts.


Checking Fields are  "When available" and "Month Year Received" (there also other fields for expenses in this table)


Receipts Fields are "When Available"(Month Year) "Total Received" (Total amount of money received) "Cash Available" (amount that we get to keep) and "Month Year Received"

"When Available" can be a different month year then "Month Year Received" ie one could be 11-2015 and the other could be 12-2015. In other words we could get a payment in Nov but the available part isnt available until Dec. So basically the payment could have 2 dates that apply to it.


Receipts has two summary fields - "Total of Cash Available" and "Total of Total Receipts".

In Checking I want to show related records from Receipts.

There are 2 relationships.

a. Checking - "When Available" to Receipts "When Available"

b. Checking "Month Year Received" to Receipts "Month Year Received"


My objective is to be in Checking and find all transactions for 11-2015 and have it pull up on one layout the totals for "Total of Cash Available" and the "Total of Total Receipts". Im not sure this is possible. Maybe a 3rd table?