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PSOS scripts causing server demon to crash?

Question asked by Jonathan Jeffery on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Jonathan Jeffery

I have a client running a new database (built in MF14) on a new Mac Mini running Server (bought specifically for this purpose, fully updated OS 10.10.5, 8Gb Ram)


Every few days, the FMS demon apparently stops running — there's nothing in the FMS logs, or the Mac system logs, but the databases are no longer hosted, and admin console shows that database server is not running.


The server isn't doing anything else (no other unusual software or services running)

There are five users of the database at maximum.

The database runs a few PSOS scripts to sync data, but I've set the maximum simultaneous script sessions to 50, and the scripts are quite short and don't log any unusual errors when running.

The server stats don't show anything excessive or unexpected.


Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Frankly, it's baffling me.