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SSL Cert Import - Error 20409 <file write error>

Question asked by danjamins on Nov 24, 2015
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I'm trying to install a GoDaddy SSL certificate on my FMS 14 server so I can use SSL with my CWP app.


I followed the instructions on how to create the request, and requested the certificate from GoDaddy.


I've downloaded the certificate and placed it on my desktop on the server and tried using the import certificate command to install it, but I'm getting an error saying "failed to import certificate to web site, error [20409]. Error: 20409 <File write error>"


I don't understand why I would be getting this error since I'm logged in as an admin and running command prompt with elevated privileges. The same privileges I used to create the request.


I've attached a screenshot.


Also, maybe I downloaded the wrong type of certificate? I downloaded for IIS and for "Other" from the GoDaddy site so I'm not sure which to use. I used the default FMS14 install, letting it configure the web server for me.


Please any help is greatly appreciated!


-Dan. ssl_error.png