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Security - User access groups/accounts

Question asked by Stigge on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by beverly

Hi all.


Am not pleased with my solution so far when it comes to my user access groups.

What I have today is:

  • Admin - full access
  • Edit - full access
  • Look - read access only
  • Guest - disabled



We are only using the filemaker 14 clients. 15 users. Some are admins, some are editors and most of them are viewers (Look account).

The reason the Edit account is a full access account is because that user need to be able to do everything except admin edit. The normal  "Data Entry Only" access group in some cases doesn't allow the user to do all that she needs, so I needed to change it to "full access".


This solution isn't the best. And safe. so I don't like it.. :/

Am trying to understand all the options under the sets. but I must emit some I have no clue what they even is used for.


So my question is, do anyone know a best practice / good guide for me to learn this ? or simply have a good suggestion on how I should solve it ? =)