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    Save as pdf doesn’t scale


      I have a solutions which saves an invoice to a pdf (through a script) at 100% and then adds another (set of) page(s) to the pdf scaled at 68%.

      One way or another, the pdf is at 100% saved to the file instead of the scaled size.


      This should be simple, but it’s not working.

      Saving only the specificatinos doesn’s scale either.


      Tried it both on Mac and Windows. In both cases disaster.


      Anyone a solution, other than rebuilding the page to fit on 100% on the paper size?

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          Are you trying to get a big layout to fit on a smaller page size this way???


          With some ScriptMaster and iText cleverness you could save each PDF at 100% (on the page size designed for that layout) then concatenate with page scaling to get all the finsihed pages to fit onto your initial page size.

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            I’m doing what makes sence to me. Scaling the page size to get it fit on an A4 page.

            As far as I know (and expect) this should work, if not it seems to me to be a very big BUG in FileMaker.

            What’s the use of scaling if it won’t fit anyhow?


            For things not obvious to work in FileMaker I don’t mind using external sources, but this should just work.