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    Barcode label printing from FM


      Hi there


      Does anybody know of a robust label printing solution which Filemaker 14 on PC willl be able to print to?  I'm building an archiving solution which generates barcodes as a simple 10 digit index number when a new record is created and it's these that I want printed onto labels.


      I've tried a Dymo 450 so far and it's early days, but no success yet.  I'm also looking at the Zebra GK420t.


      If anybody has used either, or knows of another printer which works well with FM, I'd be grateful to know.


      Thanks in advance

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          I've used a DYMO 450 with FileMaker without any problems, though it was on Mac, not Windows but I don't think there would be a problem there. One thing to watch out for is to make sure to use the 'Print Setup' script step to set the paper size to your label size, e.g. 101 x 54 mm, and to size your layout parts accordingly.

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            I just recently started using a Zebra GK420d to print transport labels from FileMaker and it works well so far. What I do is create a zpl-stream in Filemaker, save it to a txt-document and then drop that to shared network printer using a dos command.


            - ZPL is the programming language for Zebra printers and I create the zpl-stream using a calculation i FileMaker. I didn't know zpl before but a few google searches and using this linked site did the trick: http://labelary.com/viewer.html

            - I use the excellent BaseElementsPlugin for saving the file to disk and the run the dos command.

            - I run the script on FMS which is on a windows 2012-server.


            A couple of things to note:

            The user running FMS must have sufficient network access.

            It is important that you set up the network printer with the correct label size in the properties on the print server.

            No need for barcode fonts as it is handled by the printer.


            To run cmd I set a variable with this calculation:

            BE_ExecuteSystemCommand ( "cmd.exe /c copy " & $StreamFileNamePath & " \\\IPorServerName\SharedPrinterName /b" ; -1 )


            Part of my filemaker calculation to create the ZPL-stream below:


            ^FXSetting: Handle non-english characters:




            ^FX Header:


            ^FO130,520^FDSomeText AB^FS


            ^FX Sender and date:



            ^FO50,660^FDCompany Inc^FS

            ^FO50,690^FDStreet 6^FS

            ^FO50,720^FD99999 CITY^FS

            ^FO500,750^FDAvs-dat: " & Get(CurrentDate) & "^FS


            ^FX Devider Line:



            ^FX Barcode:



            ^FO150,1735^A0^BCN,,N^FD" & $TrackingPrivpakOutbound & "^FS


            ^FO130,1965^FDKolli-ID: " & $TrackingPrivpakOutbound & "^FS




            Hope that helps,


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              Markus Schneider

              we are using Dymo 450 under Windows (7, 8.1). Barcodes are fine, no problem so far (beside of the fact that one has to deal with standard printers under FM..)


              barcodes are code128, created by custom functions and open source fonts by kreaktiv.ch (I'm just a user of those functions)



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                We recommend Brother QL710W and Brother QL-720NW with our inventory, tool tracking and asset management modules in our Kosmas solution.  They're heavily tested on both Windows and OS X and work well with AirPrint on iOS using FileMaker Go.  The setup instructions we provide our clients are here:


                Label Printing Setup - Google Drive


                Eric Miller

                844 DOCUWRX

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                  I have the Dymo up and running now which is a good start and useful for individual labels.


                  I am looking at the Zebra as I'm told this can print thicker, stickier labels the likes of which are hard to remove.  Thanks for your help on this everybody:)