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Field required based on validation

Question asked by Stu412 on Nov 24, 2015
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Hi there,


I'm putting together a quick DB which requires a user to create a 'request' record which once created, sits in its own portal.  Once this is done, the final field on this new record is a dropdown entry box with a list of names for 'Who' requested it. 


I need this field to be mandatory as further downstream logic relies on it being there.  The twist is that later on beyond that point, this 'Request' field is actually allowed to be empty again, so it's just at the point of the initial record creation I need users to enter data. 


I think if I set validation on the field for Require = Not Empty and then validate by calculation, then I'll be ok, but this is where it gets sticky as I cannot complete the calculation.


The requirements are that (apologies for quasicode):


If (RequestID = "Something" AND

Status = 1 AND

Requested = Nothing


Then fail the validation. <<<This is the part I cannot get.  Putting the 'If' statement in the Validated by Calc part is straightforward, but it needs a resolution and this has me stuck.


Or do I have this completely wrong and there's a much more elegant way to do this?


Thanks in advance