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    Filemaker server progressive backup on external hard drive




      I have an external thunderbolt hard drive on which I wish to put my Filemaker Server Progressive Backup. It is working well if I activate manually the progressive backup from the Filemaker Server Console.


      However, when the server starts on his own in the morning (planned at 7:25), the progressive backup is not able to launch automatically.


      Any idea ? Is it because the volume is not mounted yet ?

      The progressive backup time is set to 15


      Any workarounds ?


      Thanks in advance


      Here is the log I can find in the event.log file


      2015-11-24 07:25:13.294 +0100Erreur783Serveur-Cabinet.localImpossible de créer ou d'écrire dans le dossier de sauvegarde "filemac:/Backup_Databases/Backup_Progressif/". La sauvegarde progressive est désactivée. (20405)




      I was not able to post this message under the Filemaker Server Section (grayed out, see attached screen), so sorry if it is in the wrong place