Need a summary for each record that only displays fields with data in them.

Discussion created by wcanerday on Nov 25, 2015
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Hello All,


I am not a technical computer guy.  I have taught myself enough about FM Pro 14 to be dangerous.  I have set up a registration DB for a church activity that I do every year.  I need to print and/or email a summary report for each record in the DB.  I need the summary to show each individual the events for which they have registered for verification purposes.  The fields have multiple entry types (dropdown lists, simple checkboxes...).  Each record has a field for an email address so it would be nice if FM could be able to generate the report, print a summary of each record, and email it to the email address in the record.  I would like to be able to to perform these functions separately. See the attached screenshot for a reference.