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Database Design One Large Table or Many Small Tables?

Question asked by baldewicz on Nov 24, 2015
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Hi All,


I am creating a databases which will convert about 5 paper forms to one database.  The forms are always filled out it the same order, the only reason there were multiple forms was there were multiple people that were responsible for filling out the different sections.


I am a newer developer and am not sure what is the best way to go about the design of the database.  I could create one table that could house all of the sections of the form, this section would have about 600-700 fields when completed, with minimal fields being left blank.  My other thought was to create A General overview table with very basic information that is related to several sub tables in a one to one relationship.


The several smaller tables seem easier to manage (less fields to scroll through, obvious devision of fields based on subsection), however when looking for times when people use a one to one relationship I find that most people say that it is not helpful, or possibly makes the solution harder to manage.


Note: Regardless of the design there will be several layouts and/or tabs to organize the fields, which would likely correspond to the subtables if a one to one relationship is used.  This is a local hosted database that will only be used by users in the office.


If there are any details I missed that would be helpful please let me know.


I apologize if this is an easy or obvious question, and thank you for your help!