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    Error 307 FM 14 Server Upgrade?


      We went from running FM13 Pro Advanced, to FM14 Server edition yesterday. Most of the clients working off of this are running FM13 still, which we were told would not be an issue. Everything went smoothly for the upgrade to FM14 Server yesterday, we simple uploaded all of our current databases, and had no issues at all throughout the day.


      That is until today, when one of the clients (running FM13 Pro) went into one of our databases and went to change a date via the drop down calendar. Now we get "Error 307: Unknown Error", and are unable to change the date. This same database file works just fine when running off of the "old" database (the backup from yesterday before the update, which I just tested and double checked), so I know the issue lies in the FM14 Server, but we literally made no changes whatsoever to that database for the upload.


      Is the issue that I need to update that client to FM14 (which I plan on doing in the next week or so), or is it some setting in FM14 Server Admin panel I need to make? Any thoughts or ideas?



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          Markus Schneider

          seems to be a bug )-:


          Script Suppress Error code 307


          (when searching, there seems to be no error 307, even worse)

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            OK, the issue is 100% with running FM13 client and FM14 Server. I just went and updated that same client to FM14 and the 307 error went away, it works fine now. So despite what I was originally lead to believe, if you update FM13 Server to FM14 Server, make sure to update your clients as well, otherwise you'll probably get the "307:Unknown error" as well.

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              Just ran into this issue after updating to FMS 14.0.4 (and 14.0.4a), with a FM 13.0v5 client running on OS X that sets a date field using a script.    Manually entering data in the same date field does not trigger the error.


              I'm wondering if this issue occurs when something automated (a script or a drop-down calendar) tries modify a date field in FM13 when the database is hosted on FMS14 post v14.0.4.


              I see from the other thread about the Unknown 307 error (which apparently can't be suppressed) that this has been going on since Nov 19, so I suspect the problem is with v14.0.4 and the 14.0.4a patch that came out on Wednesday didn't fix it.


              I'm now looking at either updating hundreds of v13 clients out there in emergency mode, or completely uninstalling and reinstalling my FMS to get back to v14.0.3 (which worked fine).  Either way, it looks like at least a day of downtime.


              FMI, are you there?  Is someone working on patching this bug in FMS v14.0.4/4a?

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                The 307 error will show up with any version of FileMaker Pro prior to 14.0.4.  Our Development and Testing department has discovered this occurs when modifying a field on a form in Form view that contains a sorted portal that shows either 0 or 1 row of related data.  A workaround is to go to another record and then back again.


                I have attached this thread as well as thread mentioned by "Markus Schneider" (Thank you!) to the original report.  When more information becomes available, I will post again.



                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Thanks TSGal!  I don't see any thread involving Markus that relates to the 307, though....did you mean Stephen_FL's thread?  Or is there another thread with Markus on this topic that I'm not finding?

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                    My apologies for not being clearer.  I was referring to the link that Markus posted five posts above (the post just beneath the original post).  It is the Steven_SL thread.



                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      We are also seeing this issue when attempting to delete records on a layout with no objects on it. Also occurs on versions less than 14.0.4, but works fine on 14.0.4



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                        Thank you for your post.


                        I have also attached your comments to the original report.



                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          I am now getting the same mysterious unknown error 307; and my situation is different.  I just patched my server from 14.03 to 14.04a yesterday.  Error did not happen before that.  For me it is happening when I check for an installed plugin (MooPlug), and then install it.  Field protection for the contained plugin is wide open, I can manually run a script to install the plugin, it seems to be choking at the checking if the plugin is already present.


                          Definitely did do this prior to the fms 14.04a patch weekend.


                          Alan Barker

                          Nidec Motor Corporation

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                            Any progress on this FM? I have a number of unhappy clients.

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                              There is nothing new to report.  The last information entered remains the same.  That is, the issue occurs with FileMaker Server 14.0.4 with clients using FileMaker Pro 14.0.3 or earlier.  If the clients use FileMaker Pro 14.0.4, the error will no longer occur.


                              I am well aware that updating all users to FileMaker Pro 14.0.4 may not be feasible due to costs, number of clients, etc.


                              When more information becomes available, I will post again.



                              FileMaker, Inc.

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                                I just had a similar error with FM13v9 client on FM14v4 server.


                                A script would fail on an export field contents step when that field to export wasn't on the visible area of the layout. Just adding the field to the layout was enough to prevent the 307 error for me.

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                                  I've been getting the "Unknown Error: 307" when opening a database from FMS 14 with FMP 13. (Macintosh) What I have discovered is that if I wait about a minute until all of the startup activities have completed, I don't get the error. Hope this adds to your discussion.


                                  Oops. Just got the error again when opening the database.


                                  When I closed and then re-opened the database, The error was not encountered!

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                                    is there anything to say about this fix? It is more than two months now and annoys a lot of people here.


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