Error 307 FM 14 Server Upgrade?

Discussion created by nparent on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by TSGal

We went from running FM13 Pro Advanced, to FM14 Server edition yesterday. Most of the clients working off of this are running FM13 still, which we were told would not be an issue. Everything went smoothly for the upgrade to FM14 Server yesterday, we simple uploaded all of our current databases, and had no issues at all throughout the day.


That is until today, when one of the clients (running FM13 Pro) went into one of our databases and went to change a date via the drop down calendar. Now we get "Error 307: Unknown Error", and are unable to change the date. This same database file works just fine when running off of the "old" database (the backup from yesterday before the update, which I just tested and double checked), so I know the issue lies in the FM14 Server, but we literally made no changes whatsoever to that database for the upload.


Is the issue that I need to update that client to FM14 (which I plan on doing in the next week or so), or is it some setting in FM14 Server Admin panel I need to make? Any thoughts or ideas?