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Dear FMP Experts and Fans,

Question asked by lohonyaimm on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by dtcgnet

I am very new in the world of FMP 14, as You will see it below....


I've saved the Starter Solution ( or template ) "Invoices" within FMP 14 under a new file name:  It was working....


Soon, I have changed successful the name of two Tables, (Company dashboard and Invoices) and the new file got into an endless loop,

it does not allow either to close the file or to exit FMP.  


After switching off / turning on my desktop computer and opening FMP again, the recovering  of the renamed file could not help,

also the recovered file remained in loop, without any error message during recovery.


I have tried a similar File-name and Table-names changing procedure with the templates “Inventory” and “Resource Scheduling”,

both of them worked under the new File-name and new Table-names perfect.


Has anybody tried a similar renaming of the template “Invoices” under FMP 14 ?


Please, advice. (Enclosed the renamed "Invoices")

Miklós M. Lohonyai