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Database occassionaly freezes and needs a server force quit to resolve.

Question asked by MartinBridges on Nov 26, 2015
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I have a FM13 database on a FM13 shared hosted server. Every now and then this database freezes. It's been running for a couple of years no problems. It started to freeze about 6 months ago. No obvious reason why. The server log suggested the server was unstable. The server was rebooted and everything would be fine for a time. This now happens every few weeks or so. It's just happened again, only 3 days after the last time. In the meantime the database was moved across to a different server.


The hosting company has said...

'Upon trying to re-open the DATBASE_NAME database FileMaker Server’s Event log reports “Database "DATABASE_NAME" could not be opened; already open by another application.” Using Windows Server 2008 R2’s Resource Monitor application, under the CPU tab, you can highlight fmserver.exe and find that that process has the DATABASE_NAME database listed under Associated Handles. For some reason, when closing this file the FileMaker Server process doesn’t release its hold of it. To re-open the file the entire FileMaker Server process must be restarted but in these circumstances FileMaker Server does not shutdown properly and must be forced-quit. This particular database has been copied between different instances of FileMaker Server 13 and has experienced the identical issue.'


Interestingly when my client phones me and says the database has froze again I can still access it via FM client/open remote and go into various tables and edit them ok. It's only when I try to go to a layout based on a certain table that it freezes and FM is labelled as 'not responding' and I have to force quit. And the only solution so for is a server restart.


Even more interesting is that I can go to a parent layout and via a portal edit records in this table ok. It only freezes when I go try to go to a layout based upon the table.


Has anyone else experienced anything similar or can suggest anything?


There's only about 8 FM client users, 6 occasional WebDirect users. 3 main tables and 20, 000 records