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    Portals Relating to the same Field


      Hi All -


      I am trying to get a rolling 12 Month 'chart' of portals showing information on scrap. Like this: Previous.JPG


      I have created summary fields for each fault in a separate table, I am trying to create a portal for each month column, which will show this summarized data. Each month has a unique ID to create the relationship, this is in number format i.e, 1, 2, 3... However I can only get the portals to show the 'current months relationship' Is there a filter expression I can use to make other portals show subsequent months?




      Bearing Housing scrap monthly totals & test quality report are the tables in hand here.


      Thanks I appreciate any help.

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          Jack -


          What you're trying to create is called a "crosstab report". There are several ways of creating one in FileMaker, but they're not typically straightforward.


          In your case, based on your setup, you'll want to create not one, but 12 Month fields to use as parent-side joins. (Global fields are probably best.) You'll also need 12 separate table occurrences of the Bearing House Scrap Monthly Totals, one being the "target" of each of your 12 global fields.


          Then run a script to populate them with the appropriate months. Put the 12 portals side-by-side, as you suspected. Point each portal to the appropriate related TO.


          Just for your edification, some of the other methods for creating a crosstab report include:


          • Using repeating fields to create the array of values
          • Using a Virtual List technique with a given number of columns
          • Using HTML code and a Web Viewer


          There's a good section on creating crosstab reports in the FileMaker Training Series (Advanced). Might be worth a look.





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            Hi Mike, I have never heard of Crosstab Reports before so I will look up how to do this.


            Thanks again.

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              Check out this excellent webinar and sample file from KyoLogic (in association with FileMaker Academy) that will help you with the concept:


              Tips for Building Dashboards in FileMaker 14