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    Create new related record


      Dear all,


      Being totally new to Filemaker I'm going through quite a learning curve, figuring things out as I develop a new filemaker solution. At this stage I'm setting up a very basic CRM system. I do enjoy the learning by the way!


      I have a table with companies and one with contactpersons (for these companies). I made a button "New contactperson" in the layout for companies, and when that is clicked I want Filemaker to swap to the layout for contactpersons, crate a new record there and have it automatically related to the company I came from in the previous view. So far I came up with a script that goes like this:


      Go to Layout [ “Contactpersons” (Contactpersons) ]

      New Record/Request

      Set Field [ Contactpersons::FIDCompanies ; Companies::ID ]


      But it sets FIDCompanies with nothing. Before the layout switch it still knows the Companies ID, but after "it forgot".


      Thanks for the help in advance, I couldn't manage to Google an answer cause this question is probably too basic (When searching for this, most results are about Portal views).