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How to programmatically add Administrator Groups in FileMaker Server?

Question asked by cwhorton on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by delfs

We are a FileMaker Hosting company and right now we are using our own web based control panel to allow users to upload and otherwise manage their databases.


What we'd really like to do is allow customers to upload their databases using FileMaker Pro to their specific folder on a shared FileMaker Server  using an Administrator Group username and password.  What we cannot do is create a manual process where someone at FMPHost logs in to the Admin Console then General Settings > Administrator Groups and adds the group.  Our users can upload to any of our servers with no delay at any time and we want to keep it that way.  Plus, with free trials, reactivations, suspensions, etc it would be a management nightmare to add  / remove Administrator Groups manually.


The external authentication option doesn't setup the group itself.  The fmsadmin tool doesn't possess any commands that I see to manage groups.  The Windows Registry has no information regarding FileMaker Server settings (in 14).  Only the FileMaker Server/Admin/conf/server_config.xml file has this information, but an entire FileMaker Server restart is necessary for it to re-read the config file. Definitely not ideal.


This situation is also similar to trying to programmatically setup scheduled scripts (without restarting the server). Has anyone tried tackling these issues with any success or know of any clever workarounds?