Web Direct Authentication Bug

Discussion created by ascarine on Nov 26, 2015
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Recently we've been running into a Web Authentication issue. The error message that gets displayed looks to be an HT Access message. This issue is abled to be replicated across all browsers on both operating systems.


The screenshots have been modified to remove the external IP of the server for security reasons. Upon request we can grant access to the server.


Screenshot 1 is showing the error message that we get when we try and load into the file (Safari). Above the pie chart there should be three buttons with a background image on them (styled). In the header there should be 3 buttons for navigation with image backgrounds. Screenshot 2 shows the same as screenshot one (Chrome), however it also shows that on that page the header hasn't displayed. Screenshot 3 shows that after each cancel button is clicked (an error seems to be shown for each image) the page doesn't render any images that would have been called, Screenshot 4 shows 4 of the errors being displayed in the inspector of the web browser when it hits the page


A little about the file before I go into it more. It's a single file solution with bespoke web direct layouts, the header and footer are both graphics that have been uploaded into styles with all the web direct elements being themed.


The issue happens after you log into the file and it tries to load the images of the file. If you open the debugger for the the web browser there are error lines that get generated every time it tries to call images for the header, footer and several of the buttons. I have tried getting lower size files to be used to make sure that it's not a file size timeout when loading images. These images were 300k~ and reduced down to 30k~ for web.


The URL being called on the error is http://[external server IP]/Streaming/Additional_1/F8BDFA75FE80703CAB76B6660A667A04.png?SessionKey=F8BDFA75FE80703CAB76B6660A667A04&RCType=EmbeddedRCFileProcessor


To try and fix this issue we have removed the graphics from the header and footer and used built in FileMaker colours and gradients, however we have had this issue continue through those changes.


We've run this in two different environments, one being a two machine deployment (live) and the other being a single machine deployment (test), the latter we may be able to give you access to if needed. The test environment we've set up to be the ideal circumstance, with all the updates required to both Windows and to FileMaker with absolutely nothing else running on it and no users connected.


The servers we've tried it on are all Windows 2012 R2 servers. I've only managed to check one for the update number KB2919355, which is installed on the test environment. FileMaker Server 14 is running on both; the live environment is running v14.0.2 and the test environment, which is the single server, is running v14.0.4. We've tried doing a server redeployment on the live environment to fix this issue, with no success. The live environment had it's anti-virus software uninstalled before the server deployment and then reinstalled after, however the test environment has no anti-virus software at all.


We've managed to replicate this both live and test in two completely different environments, however the issues we get seem to happen more in our morning tests than in our afternoon/evening tests. Whether this is just a coincidence or not I don't know.