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    Updating to FileMaker Server 14v4

    Johan Hedman

      Mac Mini Mac OS 10.10.5

      Server App installed (not used for web)

      FileMaker Server 14v1 single-machine deployment

      GoDaddy SSL installed from Admin Console

      Web Publishing WEBD / PHP active

      ODBC active

      Java 8 update 60 installed

      WPC logging activated


      After update to 14v4 Web Server won´t start.

      - WPE green symbol lit.

      - Web Server symbol greyed out and cannot be started via Terminal.

      - No logging has occurred about Server failure.

      - Admin Console failure from other machine than localhost

      - All Web Server communication Failed (80/443).


      Total reinstall to 14v1 -> Update 14v3 works fine.