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Question asked by pinerman on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2015 by macwombat

Hello Everyone, I hope you´re well.


I am trying to make a layout where I can instantly choose a month of the year and it will display all the data from some tables using Portals from that month. I have different tables in different files, I want to display the info through portals in a layout. I am having difficulty on the month field that it is going to be a dropdown menú of the months of the year, so when a month is selected al the data appears in the portals of each table.




I have a table with Sales, a table with expenses, a table with consumptions of raw materials, etc...


In a layout I will be inserting portals of all these tables, I will configure each portal to show certain data. I want a month field where I can choose the month of the year and in the portals will appear everything from that month. How do I setup this month field, I have tried and what it does is that it shows me a specific day of the month so in the portals only shows the data of that specific day of the month.


I would really appreciate your help.


Thank you.