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Dollar amount restriction

Question asked by scarruth33 on Nov 26, 2015

In my database I have a location set up for my baseball cards, the locations are based upon the dollar amount of the card. Example, .01 - .99 Box 1, 1 - 24 Box 1, and then 25 - 999 Box 1. Then I have a portion for the Conditional Value and the Beckett Value, I was curious if there is a way to only allow the values with in the range to be entered in the appropriate location. Example, I have a card that the Conditional Value is .75 cents, so it would need to be in the .01 - 99 box. I just want to prevent a cheaper card being entered into more expensive cards locations. Beckett value is not so important in this equation because it could be higher than the Conditional Value. Side note, as of right now, I have 5 of the lower boxes and 1 of the 25 - 99