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How to build a nutritional database

Question asked by Zerojojo on Nov 29, 2015
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I am working for a small chocolate manufacturer and we would like to build a database that helps us create nutritional tables for the label of our products. The idea is to catalogue all our ingredients according to their composition (i.e. protein, fat, carbs, etc.) and then enter the recipes we use into the database in such a way that the database takes into account the composition and the relative amount of the ingredients to calculate the nutritional table of the final product.


I have some experience with Excel, but I am completely new to FileMaker. To me it seems like FileMaker offers such a wide variety of solutions that I have trouble finding the right place to start reading for my particular problem. I guess it's too much to ask for instructions for how to build such a database and set up the calculations, but could anybody point me to some valuable tutorials or discussions on the topic?



Any help is much appreciated.



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