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    Pasting styled text does not paste black text styling


      FileMaker Pro and Advanced 12.0v5 through Pro and Advanced 14.0v4.

      Mac OS 10.9.5


      I have a system where fields are styled in a grey colour. Pasting styled text from another application into a field where some styled text is black, the pasted black text is converted to the field's default grey colour styling. Other formatting like size and font weight (roman, bold, italic) for the black text are honoured as expected. Other coloured text (red, blue, yellow, green etc.) all paste in their original colours and don't convert to the field's grey colour styling.


      1) Create a text file in TextEdit with some text in various colours, sizes and weights. Make sure at least some of the text is black.

      2) Create a new database with a single text field.

      3) Add the field to a layout and style the field to have grey text.

      4) Create a record and paste the text from TextEdit.


      Note the black text is in the field's styled grey colour.


      This happens in all versions of Pro or Pro Advanced that use the .fmp12 file format. I've tested this in FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced and the styled text is pasted in correctly where black text pastes in black, even though the field's styling is a grey colour.


      I've converted the .fp7 file with FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced and pasted the text and the problem happens there so this is contained to the .fmp12 file format.


      This isn't caused by the colour grey, whatever default colour that has been applied to the field's styling will be the colour that pasted black text is styled as.


      I've attached a screenshot to illustrate this. The left window is the styled text in TextEdit. The middle window is a .fp7 file in FMPA 11 with the pasted text with all styles correctly pasted into a field with a grey colour styling. The right window is a .fmp12 file in FMPA 14 with the pasted text with black text in the field's default grey colour styling but the red text styling has been pasted correctly.Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 09.45.17.png.

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          Thank you for your post.


          I am unable to replicate the issue using FileMaker Pro 14.0.4 under Mac OS X 10.10.5 and Mac OS X 10.11.1.  I currently don't have a Mac OS X 10.9.x computer available to me.  This is what I have done:


          1. I created a new database file (TestPaste.fmp12).

          2. I created a Text field named "Text".

          3. The default theme is Enlightened, and in Layout mode, I changed the default Text Color to a gray (sixth box from the left side), and named the Style "GrayText".

          4. In Microsoft Word, I created a document that contains the following five lines (with the appropriate text colors):

            This line is blue

            This line is red

            This line is black

            This line is green

            This line is yellow


          5. I copied all five lines to the clipboard, switched to FileMaker Pro, added a record, and pasted in the text.  The black text remained black.


          Are you able to replicate the issue with a new file?  Does this issue only occur when updating an older file to FileMaker Pro 14?


          Let me know what I am doing differently than you so I can replicate the issue.



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          Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.16.18 PM.png

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            This happens using both TextEdit and Microsoft Word (if the colour is left as 'Automatic', not when selecting Word's black colour swatch). It seems FileMaker Pro and Pro Advanced are seeing the black text as having no colour styling and applying the field's colour styling instead. All other styling is honoured (font, font weight and size), it's just the colour that isn't. In Word, selecting the actual black colour (not leaving as 'Automatic') will paste in the black colour but I can't find a way with TextEdit.


            I have a test file created in 14.0.4 on 10.10.3, with a TextEdit document and a Word document I can send to you.

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              If the colour is not set in Microsoft Word, then Microsoft Word will display the text in its default colour.  When this is copied into FileMaker Pro, FileMaker will see the text without a colour and display the text in the default colour of the field.


              Regardless, please send in all three files (test file, TextEdit, Word) that exhibit the issue.  The private messaging feature of the Community appears to be having issues, so I have sent the instructions to our Technical Support contact.  If you don't receive an email within 60 minutes, please let me know, and I'll make sure the instructions are sent to you immediately.



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