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GrandParent-Parent-Child portal relationship issues

Question asked by wakey on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2015 by wakey

I have a layout that is a parent record, I have added 1 portal which has child records but these child records are parent also. So I have added a second portal so that when you select a record in portal 1, portal 2 displays the child records of portal 1 selected row.


This works OK in read only. When I try to add a record in portal 2 it relates itself to the first record in portal 1. I have tried a number of ways to stop this, creating global variables and passing record Ids, forcing refreshes, all to no avail. It seems when you set focus into portal 2, portal 1 loses the highlighted record and maybe the default focus is the first record in portal 1. Help!


Attached is a screenshot of the relationship model, screen in browse mode and layout mode.