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'hide text ruler' slows down FM14 by factor 4+

Discussion created by Markus Schneider on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by TSGal

I got a FM solution that I have to migrate to FM14 under Windows 8.1, original solution was created under V11 one year ago, 1-file system, anchor buoy


to check the solution under V14 before going 'public', I'm doing some tests - daily tasks - under V11 and V14. Same network, same hardware (2 VM's for the server, client is the same machine).


I realized a big difference in one task: A script calls a new window to let users edit some data.

- to show the new window with the fields ready to entermdata, it takes about half a second under V11 and 3 seconds under V14!!

- users won't accept this


I traced down the script in 14 using my 'speedcheck' CF and found the culprit: Scriptstep 'hide text rulers' (or similar, don't have an english system)


when I disable that single scriptstep, the script finishes after 400-600 milliseconds (about the same as under V11), with that scriptstep activated, it takes 2000-3300 milliseconds


the times varies with the usage time of FM - the longer the slower. After a restart, times are about 2000ms


I created a new db with just two scripts:

- open new window

- hide text rulers


and the second script without the textrulers-step


differences are not that much, but without 'textrulers' it's faster - that demo-file has no fields, no objects in the layout (the original solution has fields, portals, buttons, etc in the layout - but not that much)


fm14.03 (I'm on a closed system, can't update fast. If this is solved under 14.04: Why is nothing mentioned in the release notes?