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Networking help needed

Question asked by BobKerr on Nov 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2015 by mardikennedy

Today I bought and installed two copies (two licenses) of FMP. My wife and I have a small business. We use 7 databases. We have 4 Macs; a desktop and a laptop each. Also an iPad and iPhone each.

Up to now the databases have been on Bento. With the demise of that product we've been more-or-less forced down the FileMaker route.


Migration was very straightforward with the tool as supplied. So now we have our seven FMP databases, working fine.


We both need access to all of them, but not on a regular basis, maybe we'll open one or two of them for a minute or two each day. However those visits are essential when the need arises.


I'm struggling with networking. All seven databases are on one Mac. I set them all to be shared and accessed from another Mac via 'open remote' in the file menu. But, unless I'm doing something wrong, it looks like Filemaker has to be open on the host Mac all day every day, and furthermore every database file has to be open on that Mac, all day every day, if they are to be shared. That's a real pain if it's the only way.


We don't both need access at the same time. I have tried turning off sharing in the hosted files and can just open them from other Macs on the network and all seems fine. But from what I've read today it appears that if we just connect to these database files across the network (like we've been doing for years and years with Word files, Excel files, Photoshop files, indeed any type of files I can think of) terrible things are going to happen because FM files are 'special' - oh joy.


Please tell me I have this wrong, surely it can't be this difficult?