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FM 14 Advanced portal filtering 'selectively working'  huh?

Question asked by synergy46 on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

I have a Membership application with a primary table; Members

There is a Cartesian joined instance of Members called Members_Portal which is used

for navigating to the appropriate member 'types'... (Active Members, or Inactive Candidates etc)

this works..... except for one instance....




gBtnActiveOrInactive is the checkbox for Active or Inactive            (global)

gBtnMemOrCan is the checkbox for Member, Candidate or Other  (global)


The problem is when I select Inactive Member + Candidate I get All Member records

plus Inactive Candidate Records.  But, when I select Candidate + Member everything

works as expected.


Just to be sure, I took a working section of code (Inactive (Candidate / Other) and

copied to and changed it to reflect Inactive Member/ Candidate.  It still failed

with "Member + Candidate" but works with Candidate + Member.


Can you see what I don't?  What is going on?!!!!  grrrr(*&@$(&$#&(R


Thanks for your thoughts.