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    Dymo Labelwriter 450 printing blank labels


      I am trying to print address labels from Filemaker Pro 12 database to my Dymo Labelwriter 450. When I send the print job I get one printed address and three blank labels. I can figure out where the problem is coming from. The print preview looks good and the template seems to be sized correctly.


      Thanks in Advance..



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          Anytime I've had this happen to me it was due to improper sizing or orientation of the layout.


          Try starting with a small square box and working your way out from there. I also usually put a 1px outlined rectangle on the label and see how it prints out.


          Also, remember to turn off any sliding of your objects that may be bumping white space out in areas that overlap.


          FileMaker doesn't support different printer configurations by default, so trial and error is the best way to get your desired results.

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            I've dealt with this before. Your layout needs to be shrunk down to where it will only print one label. When the label size on the layout exceeds length, height, or both, you'll get multiple labels as FMP is trying to print the layout, not just the data. The other thing to check as well is setting Page Setup before printing, and if your users go to other printers, then reset at the end of the label script or at the beginning of each one to make sure they have the correct page setup for the layout they are printing from.


            Good luck!



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              i also have dealt with this many times as i, too, print to dymo label printer. what worked for me is to make sure that you have the correct dimensions of the label (for me it was the shipping address), view the page margins and make corrections to the page margins if any.

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                Thank you all very much.. I have been sweating over this for months. Using your help I was finally able to play with the margins and the layout sizing enough to get it to print on one label. I think it was a combination of both the margins and layout size that was kicking it off the paper size.

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                  We also find that a few installation things are important if Dymos are acting up.


                  1.  Remove the Dymo from Printers and Scanners and references to it on other computers.  If a Mac, you may need to remove the printer references in Library->Printers->Dymo.  If a PC, there is an deinstaller tool in the Program Files->Dymo folder that is sometimes needed. 

                  2.  Download the latest installer from Dymo.  Many times folks use older installers on CDs

                  3.  Make sure FileMaker is not running when you install.  Set the Dymo to share.

                  4.  After install, test label printing on the computer sharing the Dymo

                  5.  If correct, then add Dymo back on other machines.


                  Of course, as mentioned above, the label layout must be correct.  But, it if prints correctly in your development environment, then the issue is likely related to the install.


                  We support hundreds of these printers.  Once installed correctly, they seem to work perfectly until the next operating system upgrade.



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                    Wonderful! Glad you were able to get it sorted.