FileMaker used to help homeless (OurCalling)

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FileMaker is the database behind this non-profit religious organization that works with the homeless in Dallas, Texas.  They use computers, iPads and iPhones to go out to the homeless in places like behind liquor stores and under highways and provide health, social services and spiritual support.  The iOS devices are used to take pictures, document needs, keep track of items provided (e.g., clothing, blankets, cleaning kits), geolocate, etc.  This has grown into an app on the Apple App store called "OurCalling" where the public can find out information on how to help out the homeless (e.g., what services are available and where) including even taking a picture of where homeless people are living so that OurCalling staff and volunteers can go out and help these people out.  And it is all driven off of a FileMaker database.  It is the leading database tracking homeless in Dallas and they are often consulted by government services (City, hospitals, etc.) when information is needed about homeless.  The database also is used to send RSS feeds to signs to provide changing information to the homeless. 


Read more about OurCalling's use of technology in the Dallas Morning News article below.  It doesn't mention FileMaker, but just letting other FileMaker developers know one of the unique ways FileMaker is being used very successfully, but in an unusual way. 


Helping the homeless gets high-tech boost from Dallas nonprofit | Dallas Morning News


More info on the organization at:  http://www.OurCalling.org