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    Obtaining data from medical monitors via bluetooth


      I am working on a very simple FM Go based anesthesia EMR.  When talking to to anesthetists, one of the very first things they ask is, "can I get the data from my monitors to go automatically into the iPad?"  This is of course to allow them to focus on the patient rather than data entry.


      I know that many of these physiologic monitor manufacturers are using bluetooth radios to transmit the data, often to smart phones.  What I would like is to figure out how to get the data into my solution.


      I put a request in to Welch Allyn (company that makes anesthesia and vital signs monitors) for the SDK for their monitors.


      If anyone has any experience with this, I would love to hear about it.


      Dan Simonson

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          odubov has good experience with bluetooth devices and FM. Using bluetooth directly to iOS you need a listening app that will send data back to FM.


          First issue is managing the signals. I am assuming that one doctor will have many devices to interact with. Storing all the data from all of them via bluetooth to one iPad may not be possible unless each patient is assigned an iOS device to collect their data and then that is uploaded to the server (Apple Watch with iPhone is a good example of this). Might not be the best ideal for more than two devices at once. If you just need data from a short test this becomes more manageable. But you still need the operator to pair with each monitor.


          Most hospitals have some sort of main EMR/EHR system/database. If those systems have an API to access data you might be going in the right direction there.

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            Yes, I have some experience with bluetooth devices integration with FileMaker (Go or Pro/Adv)

            Please contacts me, if you need an assistance.

            Thank you, bigtom mentioned me.


            Best regards,

            Oleksiy Dubov