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FM13 + El Capitan: a problem (and a lousy solution)

Question asked by siplus on Nov 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Markus Schneider

Hi all.


If you have a solution happily running under FM13 and your customer has to buy a new Mac, it will come with El Capitan.

Customer does not want Filemaker 14, he just has to substitute a dying (or already dead) Mac.

But El Capitan comes with Metal instead of OpenGL (this might be the cause of the problem I'm illustrating below).


Fact is, we have this strategy of preparing windows offscreen and bringing them into view, as you can see in the script.


Enter the attached database in Filemaker 13 on El Capitan.

Hit the search button.


Result 1: Blank window.


OK, close the search window.


Hit again the search button, while holding down shift.


Result 2: You get a better result, but if you type something you don't see changes happening in the search field. Go button sux , too.


Close the search window.


Now hit the search button while holding down cmd-shift.


Result 3: Everything works as planned. You see changes in the search field, to Go button shows results, results are clickable.




The (lousy) solution is in the script. (And no, the cmd-click does not work, you have to go the cmd-shit lick way ).


[sorry, the f and c keys only work when used together with u and k]